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Seasonal Wreath | December

through the seasons

In the busiest season, I try to take some quiet time to make a wreath for our front door. Gathering natural materials for this project is the perfect excuse to get outside, enjoy the crisp winter air and immerse yourself in nature. I have been making a version of this wreath for many years now. All you need is a hoop, some greenery and a window of time.

I start by creating a base of evergreen using discarded Christmas tree branches (garden centres often have plenty of extra branches, or you can even use the bottom run of branches from your own tree, if you have one).

I'll then scour the garden for any extra greenery I can find. Herbs like bay, rosemary or lavender all work well and add a lovely scent. We have a tall eucalyptus in our garden now, so I'll add that, alongside sprigs of hebe, box and privet. Whatever I have to hand!

If you'd like some tips on how to construct a wreath of your own, read on for a loose guide.


1. Create the base

Attach florists or craft wire around the metal hoop, winding it around a few times to secure. Next attach a cover material to the hoop to hide the frame and create a base (moss, spruce or even straw works here), again using wire to secure it until the hoop is covered. Leave the roll of wire attached, winding it around at each stage until the wreath is complete.

2. Add your foliage

Arrange stems of your mixed foliage, adding a little of each until you have a pleasing and varied handful. Place it onto the base and wrap the wire around the stems a couple of times to secure. Continue to add each bunch in turn alternating the direction, one slightly towards the centre, the next facing slightly out.

3. Finish and adorn.

Fill in any gaps with extra stems, threading them into the wire already attached to the base. Add in any additional decorative elements (pine cones, feathers, dried orange slices or ribbon all work well here) by winding extra wire around or through each piece, pushing through the wreath and securing at the back. Attach some twine to the back of the hoop for hanging. 

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