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Pump Street Bakery Chocolate - Single Origin Drinking Chocolate

Pump Street Bakery Chocolate - Single Origin Drinking Chocolate

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Single origin drinking chocolate from Pump Street Bakery. Made with Pump Street Bakery chocolate, using directly sourced cocoa beans from Hacienda Limon, Ecuador, this luxurious drinking chocolate is smooth and velvety with hints of caramel and honey. Just heat your choice of milk, add this flaked chocolate and stir to make a thick, rich and delectable drink. Sold in a reusable kilner jar, makes the perfect gift.

- Handmade in the U.K.
- Award winning (Academy of Chocolate 2016)
- Chocolate shavings, 175 grams
- Discover our chocolate collection

Pump Street Bakery is a small family-run bakery on Suffolk's heritage coast, making small batch, handmade chocolate from beans imported directly to them from family farms and cooperatives around the world.


A luxurious drinking chocolate containing 60% cocoa solids, resulting in a mellow and creamy taste. Hints of caramel and honey. Made from Heirloom Cacao Preservation accredited cocoa beans from the Hacienda Limon farm on the Guantupi River in Ecuador.

The Guayas basin in Ecuador, is one of the most fertile areas along the Pacific coast. The abundant water resources and volcanic soils, rich in minerals and organic matter, make for perfect cocoa growing conditions.


Cocoa beans, cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, milk powder. Minimum 60% cocoa solids. Made in a bakery that uses dairy, gluten and nuts.

Chocolate shavings - 175 grams

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