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About Us

Homeware and Lifestyle goods with a story.

Weald is a purveyor of unique homeware & lifestyle goods, sourced from independent designers and makers.
We value heritage and love items that are good for the soul. Every item we have chosen has a story to tell and we would love to share it with you. 
We work closely with a select group of designers and makers in the United Kingdom as well as further afield, aiming to offer you a unique range of products which will hopefully enhance and complement your everyday life.
n. chiefly British
         1. a woodland
         2. an area of open rolling upland
[ from weald, a once-forested area in southeast England, from Old English wald, weald, forest ]
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About us.

We are Charmaine and Chris. We live in a mid-century house on the edge of Epping Forest with our two young children. We met at art school and have varied backgrounds in retail, design, fashion and photography.
We are passionate about good design, quality and functionality and love to seek out new and unusual products for Weald Store.
We think it's important to give something back, so at the end of each year, we will donate a percentage of our profits to a charitable cause.