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Photo Journal | Cambridge Botanic Gardens

photo journal

For the second in our Travel Notes series, we discover the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, a verdant oasis in the heart of the city.

The original Cambridge Botanic Garden was founded in 1762, as a typical Renaissance physic garden. It was opened to the public in 1846 and has since developed to occupy a 40 acre site, with over 8000 different species.

We are drawn to the glasshouses, filled to the rafters with weird and wonderful specimens. Slender pathways stretch the length of the glasshouse and we weave amongst the plants, opening each door off the main corridor in turn.

In the alpine house, we discover the most delicate of succulents, while the arid lands house surrounds us with prickly cacti.

Huge climbing plants tower above us in the central palm house and the lush, dense canopy above creates a magical quality of light. Condensation blankets the glass and there is an audible drip, drip, drip as the moisture runs down the walls.

The Botanic Gardens overwhelm all of our senses and we are at once immersed in this verdant oasis.

Find out more about the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens.

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  • Ness on

    I do like a botanic garden. It’s like a little taste of the exotic where it shouldn’t be found.

  • Amanda Masters on

    Such a beautiful glass house, love those succulents and cacti, subtle hints of colour amidst the green

  • Annie on

    Oh how lovely and green! Give me hues of green over bold bright colours any day of the week.
    So very lovely! xx

  • Happy Homebird on

    I love visiting glass houses, love the contrast of the architecture with the lush plants.

  • Gemma Evans on

    I adore those unpainted wooden frames! Stunning glasshouses.

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