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A pair of small beeswax taper candles, on a white background.

British Beeswax Taper Candles


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A pair of pure beeswax taper candles, with a subtle honey scent and golden hue. Made in a small workshop in Cumbria, where the traditional technique of hand-dipping has been used for over 40 years.

- Pure beeswax. Dipped by hand.
- Set of 2 joined at the wick.
- Burn time of 3.5 hours.
- H 10 x W 2.3 cm.
- Available in 5 sizes: dinner, taper, stubby, large stubby and celebration.
- Discover our collection of candles and candle holders.

Candlelight is magic and our beeswax candles will add a celebratory touch to every gathering, burning with a gentle warming glow and a mellow honey scent.

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We work with a small workshop in Cumbria to produce our pure beeswax candles. From their base in the Pennines - an area of oustanding beauty - they have been producing hand-dipped candles for over 40 years.

The time-honoured technique of dipping is a slow and gradual process. The wicks are hung from a metal frame which is dipped at intervals into the molten wax. Each layer is cooled before they are dipped again, with this process repeated until the desired shape is reached. Some are dipped up to 20 times.

Dipping with beeswax can be traced back to the middle ages, when it was considered noble and reserved for the church and the wealthy. Pure beeswax is renowned for it's subtle honey scent and golden hue. It burns cleanly - unlike parrafin wax - with barely any smoke or drips.

This current batch of candles is made in Cumbria using African beeswax.


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